Across the Presbytery September 26,2018


Last call for registration of Presbytery of Northern New York Respite Retreat being held Sept. 27- 29, 2018 in Hammond, New York. Please contact David Bennett @518-930-8182. the packet of information and directions will be in the drop box and he can tell you how to get to this new file. Thursday time is between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm at the Lodges on ...

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Farewell Sermon by Rev. Melodie Long


Good-bye, Farewell, and Amen

II Corinthians 4: 1, 5-12

For someone who has moved so much, I have never become fond of or accustomed to good-byes. It is much easier to be somewhere a short time, not really get close to anyone, and then simply leave. It is so much easier. But that is not the situation here. We have become part of each...

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Across the Presbytery September 19, 2018


The Presbytery of Northern New York is holding a respite and retreat starting on September 27, Thursday to 29 Saturday ending with a Presbytery meeting in Hammond. You still have time to enroll for the meeting and retreat. Check out our Website and sign up.


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Across the Presbytery September 12, 2018


Special Meeting of the PNNY on Sunday 16, 2018 starting at 4:00 pm at the Theresa Presbyterian Church. The purpose of the meeting is the installation of Rev. Betsy Westman as pastor of the Theresa Presbyterian Church. Everyone is invited to participate in this special service. Clergy persons/pastors are invited to be robed for this meeting.


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Across the Presbytery September 5, 2018


Watertown First Presbyterian Church will be holding thier Fall Deacons Annual Rummage sale on friday & Saturday September 21-22. Proceeds will go tothe Watertown Urban Mission's Meals on Wheels Program.

Make sure you register for our 3 day respite and replenishment for Church leaders starting September 27 to Saturday Sept. 29, ...

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Across the Presbytery August 29, 2018


Sunday August 26 was a bittersweet day at the Cranberry Lake Presbyterian Church. The decision had been made at the start of this summer by the congregation as recommended by the session to close this historic church. When the Presbytery of Northern New York met two months ago, the vote was affirmed. Communion was celebrated by the Pastor Pieter Vi...

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Across the Presbytery August 22, 2018


Hammond Presbyterian Church are once again collecting funds for another Shallow well in Malawi and other African nations.  A shallow well costs  $400.00 and is constructed by a group of American volunteers and thier African counterparts.  Marion Medical Mission builds hundreds of these wells each year, providing clean water for a vil...

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Across the Presbytery August 16, 2018


Childwood Memorial Presbyterian Church on August 30, 2018 concert is the Woodstock Strings and concert is free.

Ogdensburg First Presbyterian Church is hosting Summer Church camp for all children in the Ogdensburg area. Starting August 20- 24, 2018. Starting at 9:00 am to Noon, ends with a lunch. Shipped Wreck is the Theme this yea...

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Faithful Self-Care in a Politically Charged Environment


Rev. Evon Marie Lloyd - July 15, 2018 

Pastor of the Hammond Presbyterian Church & Moderator of the Presbytery

2 Samuel 6:1-5,12b-19           Mark 6:14-29

David dances before the Lord in dressed in a linen ephod, a garment usually worn onl...

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